Their Quandary:

As Jewelers ES Nacht and Co. know there way around diamonds and estate jewelry, and these skills are highly developed. In between buying and selling, they don’t have time or the inclination to learn how to assemble a dynamic website that catalogs all of the items they carry, nor are they interested in sitting down at a computer to design there next mailer – post card or email.

Our Solution:

M317 photographed a portion of their collection, pieces they deemed essential in the online catalog. We then built a very clean, easy to navigate web site that allows a visitor to see the piece from a selection of sides, giving the viewer the feeling they are holding the piece in their hand.

M317 also assembles and delivers a monthly E-newsletter to their contact database so they can do what they do best…

Additionally we assemble an ES Nacht and Co. postcard for mailing every two months to their contact data base.

It makes sense…

web design

image capture for web site and postcards

post card layout-printing – sending