Their Quandry:

Eastern Dirt Magazine is an online publication specializing in off-road motorcycles with a rich library of articles. When they came to us they were overwhelmed with work. Keeping fresh daily content on the site and producing in depth features was taking all their time leaving nothing for expanding their readership. Additionally the site layout was extemely busy making navigation difficult at best.

Our solution:

We strategically cleaned up the site making it much easier to locate their rich content, began a massive Face Book campaign to increase exposure and readership. We also joined hands with advertisers to increase visitor participation with contest forms. Additionally, we set up a program that allowed EDM to create an alliance with who now syndicates EDM articles giving greater mileage to their efforts and creating more traffic to the EDM site.

complete web site makeover and create/ maintain face book presence

introduce to the idea of syndicating EDM articles doubling the exposure for stories by EDM